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  • Name: EP Disc 04 Electroplated Diamond Blades
  • number: ep disc 04
  • Post Time: 2015-07-13
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EP Disc 04 Electroplated Diamond Blades
Products description:
Electroplated diamond saw blades are good diamond tools in masonry works.They are ultra sharp and thin, very suitable for granite and marble cutting.We have different formula for different stone,and we always would like to prepare our best offer for our customers.
1.Center hole: 22.23mm, Flange with M14, Flange 22.23mm.
2.Fast cutting, no chipping,low cost
3.Diamond grit: 40/45, 30/35.
4.Wet use or dry use
5.Turbo segment part: 20mm

Item No.

Size x Width


EP Disc 04-105

105 x 20

Granite and Marble

EP Disc 04-115

115 x 20

Granite and Marble

EP Disc 04-125

125 x 20

Granite and Marble

EP Disc 04-150

150 x 20

Granite and Marble

EP Disc 04-180

180 x 20

Granite and Marble

EP Disc 04-230

230 x 20

Granite and Marble

EP Disc 04-300

300 x 20

Granite and Marble


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