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  • Name: Full Bullnose Diamond Router Bit Router for Granite
  • number: diamond router bits
  • Post Time: 2015-07-19
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Full Bullnose Diamond Router Bit Router for Granite
Product Description:

Vacuum brazed diamond router bits adopt the latest technology, provide the most aggressive performance and highest efficiency. Brazed diamond router bits can increase your productivity. It can keep their true shapes during their entire working. Apply to Portable stone routers. Grinding or polishing on marble, granite, engineered stone, etc.  All kind of shapes stone can be designed, such as, Eased, Half Bullnose, Bevel, Ogee, Normandy Bead, Cove, Stairtread, Full bullnose, Dupont, roman, roundover, etc.



1. Mainly used for shaping the edge of all kinds of stone.

2. Suit to water polisher or angle grinder.

3. Save working time and cost


Shape: Full bullnose vacumm brazed router bits

Outer diameter: 45-120mm

Height: 5mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm or as client's special request.

Center hole: M14 or 5/8"-11.

Diamond Grit: Coarse, Medium, Fine.

Main market: Middle Asia, America, Europe, Oceania





Center Hole

Stone Type



M14 or 5/8"-11

Full Bullnose


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