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  • Name: Rhombus Shape Diamond Segments for Brazed on Grinding Wheels
  • Post Time: 2015-07-19
  • Products: Rhombus Shape Diamond Segments
  • Cutting Materials: concrete, floor
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Rhombus Shape Diamond Segments for Brazed on Grinding Wheels
Product Description:
Rhombus diamond segments for brazed on grinding cup wheels for concrete floor. Segment type differ rectangular, Rhombus, Cylinder, Triangle, etc. We can sell rhombus diamond segments separately and we also sell finished diamond grinding wheels.

As a direct manufacturer of diamond tools, we have matual and stable different formula for different kinds of concrete, such as soft concrete, hard concrete, medium concrete, fresh concrete, cured concrete, etc. If you have target lifespan and sharpness about the diamond segments and grinding wheels, please tell us and we will meet your need based on your price.


The segments thickness are available from 5mm up to 15mm, segments dimensions can be done based on client's request.

Type: Rhombus diamond segment.

Segment size: 28x8x7mm, 30x8x7mm, 30x8x9mm, 50x18x10mm.

Brazed on cup wheel's size: 5",  7", 10".

Grinding materials:  Concrete.Floor

Delivery time: 7 - 15 days

MOQ: 1set

Packing: usually packed in plastic bags and cartons

Main market: Australia, Norway, USA, etc.



Segment type

Segment size


Rhombus shape diamond segments



Rhombus shape diamond segments



Rhombus shape diamond segments



Rhombus shape diamond segments





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