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  • Name: EP Disc 01 Electroplated Diamond Blades
  • Post Time: 2015-07-13
  • Products: Electroplated saw blade, continuous rim type.
  • Cutting Materials: For marble, granite cutting.
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EP Disc 01 Electroplated Diamond Blades
Details Description: 
Electroplated diamond blades belong to electroplated tools, they are widely used to cutting and grinding on marble or granite.
Our electroplated saw blades usually have center hole with 22.23mm, but we can also prepare flange for you or make flange holes on electroplated diamond saw blades.
1.Center hole: 22.23mm, Flange with M14, Flange22.23mm.
2.Competitive price,quick,smooth cutting and long life
3.Diamond grit:  30/35, 40/45.
4.Segment size: 3mm
5.Saw blade type: continuous type



Item No.

Size x Width


EP Disc 01-105

105 x 3

Marble, Granite

EP Disc 01-115

115 x 3

Marble, Granite

EP Disc 01-125

125 x 3

Marble, Granite

EP Disc 01-150

150 x 3

Marble, Granite

EP Disc 01-180

180 x 3

Marble, Granite

EP Disc 01-230

230 x 3

Marble, Granite

EP Disc 01-300

300 x 3

Marble, Granite


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