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Diamond grinding discs-Underfloor heating system.

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We push our new item products since last year, and get good feedback from many clients


Clients feedback: "Very good quaiity products, fast cutting on our underheat flooring work."




Premium quality floor cutting disc (diamond cutting blade, floor cutting disc) for installing underfloor heating in existing floors. The discs are balanced for optimal and comfortable use.  With these discs you can goove the slots on the concrete floors with the aid of an underfloor heating milling machine.

The discs are available in 17mm and 15mm wide, two kinds for choose:
17mm wide (for plastic underfloor heating pipe of diameter 16 mm)
15mm wide (for plastic underfloor heating pipe of diameter 14 mm)

Other sizes per disc:

120mm tuck point saw blade for grooving medium concrete floors

segment size:20x17x10mmx12nos, 12nos protection segments, inner hole:22.23mm.



Since 2000 year, our company Johnson Tools Manufactory Co.,Ltd started to manufacture and export diamond tools for stone working and construction industry for worldwide countries.



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