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Water grinding discs are commonly used for polishing and grinding stone, inner arc basins, tiles, ceramics, and more.

- They are made using imported diamond micro-powders combined with a special resin technique, resulting in sharpness, durability, and a quick shine when polishing stone. The design includes a groove pattern to allow for rapid heat dissipation, extending the lifespan of the disc and a prevention mechanism to effectively prevent edge chipping, enhancing its durability.

- A complete range of grinding grits is available to accommodate various grinding needs. Users can choose different grits based on the material's surface roughness and specific grinding requirements. The discs feature an extended nylon backing for strong adhesion, ensuring secure and reliable usage.

They are reusable and have a firm attachment, making them a safe and dependable choice.


Our products are sharp, durable, quick to achieve a shine, and do not cause burn marks, making them the ideal choice for your stone polishing needs.

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