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We offer a comprehensive range of Diamond Tools, including Diamond saw blade, Diamond drill bit, Grinding wheel, Polishing pad, Multi tool blade, and more. Our commitment is to deliver top-quality products with efficient production timelines.


With our automated manufacturing plants, a dedicated team of professionals, large-scale production capacity, standardized management practices, and stringent quality control measures, we are poised to meet your specific needs. Johnson Tools stands as your trusted partner, capable of providing a one-stop solution for your upcoming projects.

You can select any product from our website and change it to your trademark, this is free service.
Customers give the diamond tool product’s drawing or sample, or size, cutting materials, it is better the cutting machine brand and machine HP, then to our Technical Dept.
Based on your provided information, our technical team will select the most suitable products bond, diamond grit, diamond strength, manufactured high-quality products and ensuring the fastest possible delivery time.
Our professional design team offers the following services: free laser marking logo, complimentary sticker design, and free packaging design.
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Step 1: Confirm Most Suitable Products You Are Looking For.

To communicate with you of your ideal products, as per market positioning and product characteristics: The cutting materials, Equipment Brand Used, Horse Power, Size, Center Hole, Pin hole, Color, Painting, Packing, etc. then we will give you some professional reference suggestions and help you select suitable products.
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Step 2:  Production and Manufacturing Processes.

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Steel Disc Selection.

Steel discs we used from China's Largest Steel Discs Factory. Keep more toughness and stability. Cooperated with them +20years. Pass ISO9002 Certificate. Materials (carbon content): 30CrMo(0.26-0.34), 50Mn2V(0.47-0.57), 65Mn(0.62-0.7), 75Cr1(07-0.8).  Size: 75mm to 2200mm with Normal type, Low Noise, Silent type. , 6-800mm core bits tube, steel cup wheels, Product testing parameters before leaving the factory:

Tolerance of Diameter: +0.5, Tolerance of Thickness: +0.07, Tolerance of Center hole: +21μm /H8/H7, HRC, Flat, Side run out, there are strict  GB testing standards. 

Diamond and Metal Power Selection.

The performance and quality of diamond tools depend on the chosen diamond and metal powders. Recommendations:

Diamond Powder. 

Particle Size: Determines efficiency and surface quality. Finer for precision, coarser for speed.Quality: High-quality powder has uniform crystals and fewer impurities.Binding Strength: Influences wear resistance and tool lifespan. Appropriate binding ensures stable performance.

Metal Powder:

Type: Nickel, cobalt, iron, copper, etc., affect tool performance.Bonding Force: Moderate bonding force is crucial for proper performance.Sintering Temperature: Should match diamond characteristics to avoid damage.Consider tool use, material, conditions, and quality. Manufacturers adjust formulations for top tool performance.

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Production Process Selection
2-3-1 (2)
Laser welding is a precise, low-heat welding process, reducing heat stress on diamond particles and tool matrix for longer tool life. It offers high production efficiency and fine performance control through parameter adjustments. 105mm to 1800mm diameter.
2-4-1 (2)
The high-frequency welding process, primarily employed for welding metal materials, enables high-precision welding and yields exceptionally robust weld points. It demands relatively low equipment requirements and is cost-effective.
2-5-1 (2)
Sintering is a process in which diamond particles are sintered with metal powders at high temperatures and pressures to form tool shapes. It produces exceptionally sturdy and wear-resistant tools, commonly used in sintered blades, ranging from 105 to 350 specifications.
2-6-1 (2)
The electroplating process can produce highly precise and durable diamond tools. The electroplating process ensures even distribution of diamond particles on the tool's edge. This technique is applicable to various types of diamond tools and materials, including blades, drill bits, grinding wheels, and more.
2-7-1 (2)
Vacuum brazed products is a versatile technique applicable to various types of diamond tools, including saw blades, drill bits, grinding wheels, and more. It operates effectively at high temperatures, making it suitable for processing hard materials like concrete, ceramics, and metals. Vacuum brazed edges are typically exceptionally robust, resulting in extended tool lifespans. Additionally, customized styles can be crafted to meet specific customer requirements
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Logo, Painting Color, Package Design.

We can apply your logo and design, laser marking or silk screen printing on the product to increase its market awareness and sales volume. And We also have our own designer team to help you with designing the product packaging with professional suggestion including image-text design.


In the field of diamond saw blades, drill bits, and grinding wheels, we provide a series of services tailored to your needs. We print according to your drawings. We can apply your logo and design, laser marking or screen printing to our products to increase their market awareness and sales. Our team also has the ability to assist in designing logos and printing patterns, ensuring that your product stands out in the market. Enhance the attractiveness of your brand. These services together help increase your sales and market influence.

Step 3:Sample Approval and Mass Production Process

1. Sample Approval: After mutual agreement, we create a sample based on your requirements for design and quality.

2. Quality Assurance: Rigorous quality checks are conducted on the sample to ensure it meets your specifications.

3. Approval and Feedback: You review and provide feedback on the sample; we make prompt adjustments as needed.

4. Mass Production: Upon formal approval, we initiate mass production, with real-time updates and final inspections.

At Johnson Tools, we are dedicated to delivering quality and transparency throughout the process.

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Step 4:Joint Efforts, Mutual Cooperation

We firmly believe that only through close collaboration and relentless efforts on both sides can we achieve a win-win situation. Your success is our success.

We look forward to establishing a strong partnership with you, jointly developing the market, and creating broader business opportunities. At [Your Company Name], we not only offer excellent products but also aspire to be your loyal partner, co-creating a brilliant future together.

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Has a professional quality team and new product research and development team, based on continuous innovation, to meet customer needs.

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 OEM and ODM Solutions Provider

Our team has experienced engineers who are committed to customizing the best and most applicable solutions according to your special needs for product quality.

Whether it is the center hole, side hole of the product, or the installation shaft according to your drawings or equipment, we carefully make it to ensure a perfect match.
Based on your cutting, drilling, grinding and profiling needs, we select and proportion diamonds for the most efficient and effective application. Or do as y our request.
Our blade formulas, from extremely soft to extremely hard, are carefully formulated to meet your specific working conditions and maintain a transition from high-speed cutting to smooth and durable.
Manual angle grinders, handheld saws, table machines, push-back saws, drills, grinders and other different equipment and power, we recommend the best products for you according to your specific needs.
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We enjoy good reputation among customers with trustworthy product quality and creditable service. Provide good quality diamond tools on sawing, drilling, grinding and polishing, profiling industry.
Get in touch with us
We enjoy good reputation among customers with trustworthy product quality and creditable service. Provide good quality diamond tools on sawing, drilling, grinding and polishing, profiling industry.
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Produces and exports diamond tools for the stone processing and construction industries to countries around the world.
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