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Whether you're a hardware tool distributor, construction company, or a home decor professional, our Stone Drill Bit is an essential choice for your stone processing needs. Its efficient performance and reliability ensure you can effortlessly handle various stone drilling and coring tasks, achieving outstanding results.


The Stone Drill Bit is designed with M14 or 1/2 gas thread options and a 104mm length, with an outer diameter ranging from 6mm to 152mm, making it versatile for a range of applications. Crafted specifically for drilling and coring stone, it excels with materials like granite, quartz stone, marble, and more, outperforming concrete bits with precision and durability.


Experience efficient and precise stone drilling like never before with our Stone Drill Bit. Its high-quality diamond embedding and advanced manufacturing processes guarantee exceptional performance and longevity. Whether it's for construction, carving, or decoration, our Stone Drill Bit provides a seamless drilling and coring experience, preferred by professionals in the stone industry. Choose our Stone Drill Bit and effortlessly complete a wide range of stone drilling and coring tasks, ensuring excellent outcomes.

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Produces and exports diamond tools for the stone processing and construction industries to countries around the world.
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