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Metal Grinding Plates is a kind of abrasive tool used for grinding and dressing materials such as stone and concrete. It is characterized by a diamond segment welded on the surface of the plates. Diamond has extremely high hardness and wear resistance, allowing the plates to efficiently grind various hard materials.




The base material of Metal Grinding Plates is 45# steel, which has sufficient strength and rigidity to provide support and protection for the segment during use. The size, shape and concentration of its segment can be adjusted according to specific application needs to achieve different grinding effects.




Metal Grinding Plates are widely used in stone processing, concrete grinding and other fields. They are commonly used for grinding and finishing stone countertops, concrete floors, and more. It can be used to remove bumps, scratches, oxide layers, etc. on the surface of materials to achieve flat, smooth and precise grinding effects.

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Place Your Custom Order for Stone and Concrete Grinding with Johnson Tools
Johnson Tools, a leading manufacturer, offers a diverse range of grinding wheels catering to both the stone and construction industries. Our grinding tools are crafted using carefully selected diamond powder and bonds to ensure optimal sharpness, speed, and longevity.
Key Features:
OEM and ODM Accepted: We welcome both OEM and ODM orders, providing customized solutions to meet your specific requirements.
Size Range: Available in sizes ranging from 105mm to 230mm, catering to various applications.
Technology: Choose between Cold Press or Brazed-type technology for your specific grinding needs.
Diamond Segment Options: Diamond segment height ranges from 5mm to 10mm, offering flexibility for different grinding tasks.
Types Available: Select from a variety of types, including Single Row Cup Wheels, Double Row Diamond Cup Wheels, Turbo Row Diamond             Cup Wheels, Arrow Cup Wheels, Rhomboid Cup Wheels, PCD Cup Wheels, Rectangle Segment Wheels, Trapezoid Plates, Round Segments Plates,
     and more.
Bond Options: Tailor the bond to your needs with options such as soft bond for hard concrete, medium bond for average concrete, and hard         bond for soft concrete or epoxy removal.
Diamond Grit Range: Available in diamond grits from #16 to #120, ensuring precision in your grinding applications.
Magnetic Plate Supply: Johnson Tools also provides magnetic plates to enhance your grinding experience.
Customization: Colors can be customized according to client specifications, and special segment sizes and shapes can be accommodated               based on customer requests.
Packaging Options: Various packaging options are available, including White Box, Brown Box, Double Blister Card, Color Box, etc. Our                     professional designer can assist in designing packaging, a service provided free of charge to all clients.
Delivery Time: Samples can be dispatched within one week (items available in stock), while formal orders typically take 20-40 days for delivery.
Special Project Assistance: For specific projects, please provide information on your machine's HP, RPM, and the grinding object. We will               tailor our products to meet your unique grinding requirements.
We welcome customers in need to reach out to us anytime with their inquiries. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we assure you prompt and detailed responses to any questions or specific requirements regarding our grinding tools. Thank you for choosing Johnson Tools as your trusted partner, and we look forward to collaborating with you to achieve exceptional grinding solutions. 
Produces and exports diamond tools for the stone processing and construction industries to countries around the world.
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