Global Leading Diamond Tool Manufacturer.

We consistently adhere to the principle of providing our customers with the highest quality diamond tools products while offering them the best quality-to-cost ratio. Our diamond tools series is our core product line, rigorously certified with accolades including the MPA certification from Germany's Hannover, as well as passing inspections by SGS and TUV.

Our primary product range includes diamond saw blades, diamond drill bits, diamond grinding wheels, diamond polishing pads, multifunctional saw blades, reciprocating saw blades, and related accessories.

一 These products find applications in a wide spectrum of industries, spanning stone processing, wall construction, flooring projects, precast hollow slab manufacturing, glass processing, wood cutting, PV pipe production, nail processing, outdoor construction, and interior decoration, among others.

Our products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions.


Thanks to our exceptional product quality, professional services, and highly competitive pricing, we have earned a solid reputation among our customers. We warmly welcome customers from both domestic and international markets to collaborate with us, as together, we can achieve outstanding success."

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Produces and exports diamond tools for the stone processing and construction industries to countries around the world.
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