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2000mm Sandwich Diamond Segments for Harder Granite



2000mm Sandwich Diamond Segments for Harder Granite


Product Description:


2000mm diamond segments for harder granite is being silver brazed onto the saw blade blanks to form the complete diamond saw blade.

We can design the diamond segment according to stone feature, such as hard, medium-hard or soft. If the material is hard, the bond of the diamond segments should be softer. Because diamonds are apt to become blunt when cutting hard material.  The softer bond can be worn down with the blunt diamonds faster, and then make new diamonds beneath be more easily exposed to participate in cutting. 

Market approved quality, all of our tools  have been strictly tested before access to market.We will always recommend our customers the most suitable products and price based on their market and need.


Name: Diamond segments for harder granite cutting

Circular saw blade diameter: 400mm

Segment size: 24x9.7/10.3mmx20mm

Segment teeth: 130nos.

Type: Sandwich segments.

Delivery time: 7 - 15 days

MOQ: 1set ( 130pcs )

Suitable: Wet cutting.

Packing: usually packed in box and cartons

Main market: Russia market.



Segment type

Segment size

Segment teeth

2000mm diameter sandwich segments





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