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Metal Bond Diamond Grinding Wheels for Stone -1



Metal bond Diamond Grinding Disc for Granite


Metal bond diamond grinding disc for granite. Good performance with cheaper price.

Outer Diameter: 6", 8", 10".
Diamond Grit: 50#, 200#, 400#.

Grinding Materials: Granite

Segment Size: Outside: 40x10x7mm, Inside: 30x10x7mm.


Grinding stone step:

1. Metal bond grinding wheels for rough polishing. Grit No.: 50#, 200#, 400#.

2. Resin bond grinding wheels for fine polishing. Grit No.: 500#, 800#, 1500#, 3000#.

3. Buff grinding disc for finish polishing, color differ, black, white or red.


Good Performance, you best choice.


Inch Diamond Grit Bond Grinding Materials
6" 50#, 200#, 400#. Metal Bond Granite
8" 50#, 200#, 400#. Metal Bond Granite
10" 50#, 200#, 400#. Metal Bond Granite





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