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High Frequency Brazing Machine


Product introduction:

The high accuracy positioning HF brazing frame, featuring easy operation, high accuracy positioning, low cost is the latest auxiliary device in the market being necessary for brazing of diamond saw blades. The most important point for this device is that it can greatly improve the brazing accuracy and brazing strength of diamond saw blades and decrease the dressing cost of diamond segments on the saw blades as well as the labor intensity of operators.


Structure introduction:

The high accuracy positioning HF brazing frame consists of six parts i.e. the main framework,the base hanging and adjustment system of motor driven for steel core,the base positioned and fixed water cooling system of pneumatic for steel core,the centering and positioning system for segment clamping,the wind cooler for steel core and the control system of electrical equipment.


Main parameter:

Type: GHA280/1200B

Brazing scope:300 ~1200 mm of the diameter of diamond saw blades

Welding speed: 5~8s/segment

Positioning accuracy: Plane runout ≤±0.02mm; clearance of segment sides≤±0.02mm

Associated equipment

One HF heating machine (GP15~GP25)

One air compressor (150L/min 0.8Mpa,1000~2000W)

One pump (flow: 25L/min,200~400W)

Spare parts

Copper conductor: 8mm², some

Rubber pressure-tight water pipe: 16mm, some

Rubber pressure-tight air pipe: 8 mm, some


Products Pictures:

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