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100-230mm Abrasive Metal Cutting Grinding Disc with Depressed Center


1. Introduction


1. Used for medium/high power angle machines, display excellent abrasive performance.
2. Metal grinding disc provides a high burr removal capability of the general types of iron and steel to give maximum performance and long life.
3. It's generally used in surface grinding, rust removal, welding burrs, also in process like grinding of corners and burring after iron foundry operations.



2. Specification
Grinding discs are designed with a depressed center flange for use in hand angle grinders.Formulated to be used for grinding.Grinding discs perform best when used at a 15-30 degree angle to flat surfaces.Maxiumum operating speed 80m/s.
SIZE(inch) SIZE(mm) RPM
4"*5/32*5/8〞 100*4*16 15300
4"*1/4"*5/8" 100*6*16 15300
4-1/2"*1/4"*7/8" 115*6*22.2 13300
4-1/2"*1/4"*5/8"-11 115*6*5/8"-11 13300
5"*1/4"*7/8" 125*6*22.2 12250
6"*1/4"*7/8" 150*6*22.2 10200
7"*1/4"*7/8" 180*6*22.2 8500
7"*1/4"*5/8-11 180*6*5/8"-11 8500
7"*5/16"*7/8 180*8*22.2 8500
9"*1/4"*7/8" 230*6*22.2 6650
9"*1/4"*5/8-11 230*6*5/8"-11 6650
9"*5/16"*7/8 230*8*22.2 6650


3. Safety Recommendations:


1.Wear protective goggles and gloves;
2.Wear ear protectors;
3.Wear dust respirators;
4.Not exceed maximun R.P.M.
5.Not approved for side grinding;
6.Observe safety recommendations;


4. Package


In inner paper or plastic box then in outer carton.

Pallet or Customized packaging also available.



5. Salesoffice:


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