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EP Disc 07-1 Electroplated Diamond Blades

EP Disc 07-1 Electroplated Diamond Blades
Products description:

Electroplated diamond blade with a wide range of marble and granite cutting and grinding.

They are have a very well working effect and the cheap price .because they are good cost-effective,so they are so popular in the all world, special in the USA ,the EUROPE and the Middle East market.

Typical Size: 105mm, 115mm, 125mm, 150mm, 180mm, 230mm, 300mm.

Center hole: 20mm, 22.23mm

Flange Available: M14, Flange22.23.

Diamond Grit: 40/45#, 30/35#

Such diamond cutting blade adopts a special electroplated dots combination, which is suitable for cutting & grinding crystal, glass, marble, high-grade ceramic and other materials.


Item No.

Diameter x Width

Cutting Materials

EP Disc 07-1-105

105 x 3

Marble, Granite

EP Disc 07-1-115

115 x 3

Marble, Granite

EP Disc 07-1-125

125 x 3

Marble, Granite

EP Disc 07-1-150

150 x 3

Marble, Granite

EP Disc 07-1-180

180 x 3

Marble, Granite

EP Disc 07-1-230

230 x 3

Marble, Granite

EP Disc 07-1-300

300 x 3

Marble, Granite


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