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Marble Blade Johnsontools Brand 1
Marble Blade Johnsontools Brand 2
Marble Blade Johnsontools Brand 3
Marble Blade Johnsontools Brand 4
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Marble Blade Johnsontools Brand 6
Marble Blade Johnsontools Brand 1
Marble Blade Johnsontools Brand 2
Marble Blade Johnsontools Brand 3
Marble Blade Johnsontools Brand 4
Marble Blade Johnsontools Brand 5
Marble Blade Johnsontools Brand 6

Marble Blade Johnsontools Brand


Company Advantages

· The design of johnsontools marble blade has been further strengthened.

· The materials of johnsontools marble blade are high-quality with stable properties and good durability.

· Johnson Tools Manufactory Co.,Ltd fully promotes quality guarantee system.


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Vacuum Brazed Diamond Technology:
More efficient than Electroplated saw blades, make cuts at a higher speed and be able to take full advantage of the blade in roughing jobs.
There are 3 sizes, included 4"/105mm,4.5"/115mm,5"/125mm, you choose as you needs.
1 (3) (6)
Wide Compatibility:
They are flange, can be M14 or 5/8"-11, fit to different types of angle grinder.
Good Performance:
Widely used for profiling edges, smoothing inside cutouts of sinks, and smoothing, very good for removing deep scratches from the stone, after polishing.

PRODUCT parameter

DiameterProcessHeightThicknessThreadDiamond Grit
105/115/125mmVacuum Brazed24-25mm2.4-2.5MMM14 or 5/8"-1140/50

product usage

3 (57)

Dual-Sided Efficiency:

Versatility at its best – 2 blades in 1!  Flip the blade, and you have a fresh set of diamonds ready to tackle your finishing jobs.  This unique design maximizes the use of diamonds on both sides, extending the life of your blade.

Vacuum Brazed Diamond Technology:

Experience the cutting-edge efficiency of Vacuum Brazed Diamond Technology, outperforming traditional electroplated saw blades by 5 times.  With diamonds strategically placed on both surfaces, this blade ensures high-speed cuts, making it ideal for roughing jobs.

Multiple Applications:

Whether it's wet or dry, our blade is ready for the challenge. Perfect for tile cutting, surface and rim polishing, beveling, grinding, and shaping hard stone materials like porcelain, ceramic, marble, granite, and concrete. It's a versatile companion for various applications.

Wide Compatibility:

Designed to fit seamlessly with any standard grinder featuring a 5/8-11 connection. The blade is optimized for recommended speeds around 9000 RPM, ensuring optimum performance. Maximize your equipment's potential with ease.

5 (57)


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Company Features

· Johnson Tools Manufactory Co.,Ltd has evolved into an experienced Chinese manufacturer. In the past years, we are engaged in the development, design, and production of marble blade.

· marble blade is produced by highly skilled techniques. Processed by experienced technology, marble blade have excellent quality. johnsontools Establish a competent laboratory to create marble blade.

· Regarding the issue of business sustainable development, we will step forward to continue to drive down waste emission and discharge, seek friendly materials, and reducing water use.

Product Details

Based on the professionalism of pursuing excellence, we strive for perfection in every detail of the product.

Product Comparison

Compared with other similar products, our marble blade has more advantages, specifically in the following aspects.

Enterprise Advantages

Johnson Tools has a group of quality professionals, which provides strong support for corporate development.

While selling products, Johnson Tools also provides corresponding after-sales services for consumers to solve their worries.

Our company always holds the corporate values of 'integrity, cooperation, responsibility, and sharing'. We advocate to innovate actively and independently, and seek breakthrough and excellence. By following the pace of the times, we strive to achieve win-win cooperation and make our dreams come true.

Since the establishment in our company has accumulated rich production experience and successfully cooperated with many large domestic enterprises.

We select high-quality products for delivery, and manage them in integrity. They are exported to major cities and highly praised by consumers.

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we welcome custom designs and ideas and is able to cater to the specific requirements. for more information, please visit the website or contact us directly with questions or inquiries.
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