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l Purchase Options: Online or In-Store?

l Varieties of Diamond Core Bits

l Factors Impacting Cost

l Reputation and Reviews

Purchase Options: Online or In-Store?

When looking to buy diamond core drill bits, you have two main options: order online or shop in-person at a hardware store. Both have their pros and cons. Do you prefer browsing virtual store shelves on your own time or touching and seeing products in real life?

Varieties of Diamond Core Bits

Diamond core bits come in different diameters, lengths, and diamond concentrations. Do you need an aggressive bit for drilling hard, abrasive materials or a more standard bit for general use? Vacuum brazed core bits contain higher diamond concentrations for fast, efficient drilling into tough surfaces like concrete. Standard diamond core bits strike a balance of cutting speed and longevity. Consider how and where you plan to use the bit to determine the right type.

Factors Impacting Cost

Diamond core bit pricing depends on several factors, including bit diameter, length, diamond size and quality. Larger bits and those with premium, industrial-grade diamonds tend to sit at the higher end of the price spectrum. Cheaper bits may contain smaller, lower-quality diamonds and wear out more quickly. Does it make sense to pay more upfront for a bit you won’t have to replace as often?

Reputation and Reviews

When buying diamond tools like core drill bits, brand reputation and customer reviews matter. Look for brands renowned for high quality, durable bits that actually contain industrial diamonds, not just ‘diamond grit’. Johnson Tools is one such reputable brand, supplying diamond core drill bits and other tools to contractors worldwide. Our bits are made with premium diamonds and built to last through demanding jobs.

In summary, you have options when purchasing diamond core drill bits, whether shopping online or in-store. For the best results, look for high-quality bits from reputable brands that suit your specific drilling needs. Johnson Tools manufactures diamond core drill bits known for superior performance, durability and value. Our bits are available for purchase on our website or through select retailers.

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