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Which is the best saw blade you know?
Diamond Saw blades usually to cut stone, like marble, granite, sandstone, limestone, basalt stone, etc. Also bricks, concrete, reinforced concrete, asphalt, precast concrete cutting. l Why is choosing the right saw blade important?l How to choose the right saw blade type?
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Why use Laser saw blade for Green concrete cutting!
As concrete hydrates and begins to set a develops internal stresses, the objective in controlling cracking is to relieve these stresses, form of the random crack. this is the problems facing concrete contractors. how to solve it, it is better cutting on the first day or next day after it has been po
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Laser saw blade passed MPA tested!
MPA Certificate Z-14598/18 Congratuation:Our 350mm Laser Welded Saw Blade has passed testing by MPA Hannover. Germany. All tested tools have fufilled the safety requirement of EN13236:2010+ A1:2015 "Safety Requirements for superabrasive products". For non-precision cutting-off wheels. From: Johnso
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Produces and exports diamond tools for the stone processing and construction industries to countries around the world.
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