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Diamond Tool Johnsontools Brand-1 1
Diamond Tool Johnsontools Brand-1 2
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Diamond Tool Johnsontools Brand-1 1
Diamond Tool Johnsontools Brand-1 2
Diamond Tool Johnsontools Brand-1 3
Diamond Tool Johnsontools Brand-1 4
Diamond Tool Johnsontools Brand-1 5
Diamond Tool Johnsontools Brand-1 6

Diamond Tool Johnsontools Brand-1

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Product details of the diamond tool

Product Description

johnsontools diamond tool is developed by our professional R&D team, based on application scenarios and usage characteristics in the market. The product is focused to overcome the shortcomings among similar products. The unique substance contained in diamond tool makes it more attractive. After continuous innovation and perseverance, this product wins a good reputation in the industry.


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Surface polishing:
Adopting environmental protection technology, thick electroplating Jinming processing anti-rust treatment.
Anti-slip hexagonal handle:
Tighten the non-slip hexagonal shank and cut the shank into a three-dimensional hexagon, which makes the electric drill more tightly clamped, does not slip when drilling, and is safer to use.
Universal connector:
Suitable for a variety of electric drill chucks, hand drills, impact drills, bench drills, etc.
Carbide drill:
A carbide drill bit, combined with a widening and smooth U-shaped slotting process, drills faster and easier for chip removal, greatly improving work efficiency.

PRODUCT parameter

Product NameFactory Hot Sale Quick Change Taper Shank Glass Tile Drill Bit For Glass Tile Masonry
Type:Tile Glass Drill Bit
Tip materialTungsten Steel
Head typeCross Head
Shank typeHex Shank
UsageDrilling hole in tile, glass, ceramic, brick wall
Feature1.Strong toughness and wear resistance, can be installed in the hand drill, electric drill.2.Small cutting resistance, improve the trepanning speed3.Provide smooth, accurate drilling in ceramic tile, marble, china, mirrors and glass4.High quality cemented carbide with a reinforced head that prevents bit cracking and provides a longer life

product usage


Wide Usage:

Professional glass and tile drill bits provide smooth and accurate drilling in ceramic tiles, marble, thin iron plates, mirrors, and glass.

Low resistance to cutting, feature drilling stably, fast speed, not breaking the border. Opening neat, smooth, no broken edges, no tremor phenomenon, chip easily.


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Company Advantage

• Unique geographical advantages and abundant social resources create good conditions for Johnson Tools's development.
• Our company was founded in During years of development, we adhere to the integrity management to gain mutual benefit. And the good reputation and corporate image were established in the industry.
• Johnson Tools's 金刚石锯片 gain a certain position in the international market. They are exported to Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, America, and other countries and regions.
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