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Johnsontools Cutting Disc Diamond for Apartment 1
Johnsontools Cutting Disc Diamond for Apartment 2
Johnsontools Cutting Disc Diamond for Apartment 3
Johnsontools Cutting Disc Diamond for Apartment 4
Johnsontools Cutting Disc Diamond for Apartment 5
Johnsontools Cutting Disc Diamond for Apartment 1
Johnsontools Cutting Disc Diamond for Apartment 2
Johnsontools Cutting Disc Diamond for Apartment 3
Johnsontools Cutting Disc Diamond for Apartment 4
Johnsontools Cutting Disc Diamond for Apartment 5

Johnsontools Cutting Disc Diamond for Apartment


Product details of the cutting disc diamond

Product Overview

johnsontools cutting disc diamond is specially designed with well-selected and optimum materials. Our professional QC staff will strictly check the product to make sure that it is qualified enough to meet the international quality standard. As a leading enterprise, johnsontools is committed to offering a wide range of cutting disc diamond.

Product Description

Compared with similar products, Johnson Tools's cutting disc diamond is more advantageous in the following aspects.


Our customer service team is a dedicated, hard-working group specially selected for their enthusiasm and commitment to providing excellent customer service. They offer advice, answer any queries.

A0114020350-350mm laser saw blade 40x3 (2)
High hardness diamond
Diamond adopted Element Six,Inland High Quailty Grade.
A0114020300-300mm diamond laser saw blade for asph
High hardness substrate
Selection of 65Mn high-strength steel, high hardness, not easy tobreak,impact resistance,no deformation.
A0114020350-350mm laser saw blade 40x3
Fully automatic laser welding technology
Aadapt fully automaticlaser welding technology.
A0114020400-400mm diamond laser saw blade for asph
High Quality of Laser Welding and Welding strength inspection.
Welding strength exceedsmore than 10-20% of theMPA Testing Strength

PRODUCT parameter

InchDiameterTeeth lengthTeeththicknessTeeth heightTeeth number

product usage

Johnsontools Cutting Disc Diamond for Apartment 10

Versatile Diamond Saw Blade:

Laser-welded with mixed segments for efficient cutting of various concrete types.

Designed for different machine power, hardness, and wear resistance, suitable for diverse construction materials.

Noteworthy Features:

Fast and stable cutting in both dry and wet conditions.

Long lifespan and consistent performance.

High cutting efficiency, reducing energy consumption.

Johnsontools Cutting Disc Diamond for Apartment 11
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Our customers have consistently praised the excellence of our products. We are confident that you too will experience the same level of satisfaction. Should you require any customization, please do not hesitate to contact us. As the leading manufacturer of diamond tools, we are committed to providing you with the best solution possible.

🛠️ Professional Grade Laser Saw Blade, Effortless and Efficient Cutting 🛠️

✔️ Excellent Performance: Advanced craftsmanship and materials guarantee stable cutting performance and long-lasting durability.

✔️ Safe and Reliable: Professionally designed laser saw blades provide a safe and quiet working environment, allowing you to work with peace of mind.

✔️ Versatile Application: Suitable for cutting various materials such as stone and concrete, achieving a wider range of applications.

Laser welding diamond saw blade is our advantage product

Usually designed for asphalt, asphalt overlay, and other abrasives material cutting with high efficiency

"Laser welding for diamond saw blades offers high precision, reliable strength, non-destructive welding, energy efficiency, and fine control, optimizing production processes and extending blade lifespan."

More detailed process


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Company Introduction

Situated in su zhou, Johnson Tools Manufactory Co.,Ltd (Johnson Tools), is a company with development potential. We are basically engaged in 金刚石锯片 management. Johnson Tools pays great attention to quality and brand in business management. We intend to be determined, progressing, exploring, and innovating. We strive to improve brand competitiveness and actively explore a new market. Based on the local, we pave our way to the world with the commitment of becoming a modern enterprise with a worldwide reputation. Johnson Tools is equipped with a group of high-quality and high-level talents. They contribute to the rapid development for our company. Our company will modify and adjust the original solution according to the customer's needs. By doing so, we can provide solutions that best meet the customer's needs.
We have strong strength and rich experience. And we are looking forward to discussing business cooperation with partners from all walks of life!

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we welcome custom designs and ideas and is able to cater to the specific requirements. for more information, please visit the website or contact us directly with questions or inquiries.
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