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Saw Blade Diamond Johnsontools-2 1
Saw Blade Diamond Johnsontools-2 2
Saw Blade Diamond Johnsontools-2 3
Saw Blade Diamond Johnsontools-2 4
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Saw Blade Diamond Johnsontools-2 1
Saw Blade Diamond Johnsontools-2 2
Saw Blade Diamond Johnsontools-2 3
Saw Blade Diamond Johnsontools-2 4
Saw Blade Diamond Johnsontools-2 5
Saw Blade Diamond Johnsontools-2 6

Saw Blade Diamond Johnsontools-2

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Product details of the saw blade diamond

Product Information

High quality raw materials are used in johnsontools saw blade diamond to ensure the safety of this product. Strict quality control: the product is of high quality, which is a result of strict quality control in the whole process. The responsive QC team takes full charge of its quality. The quality of saw blade diamond meets up with all national standards.


Our customer service team is a dedicated, hard-working group specially selected for their enthusiasm and commitment to providing excellent customer service. They offer advice, answer any queries.

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Precise Cutting:
The super thin design of these blades allows for precise and clean cuts in tiles. This is particularly important when intricate or detailed cuts are required.
Fast Cutting Speed:
The turbo design, which typically includes segments with serrated edges, enhances cutting speed. This allows for efficient and swift cutting, reducing overall project time.
Reduced Material Waste:
The precision and reduced chipping associated with these blades result in less material waste. This is particularly important for projects where minimizing waste is a consideration.
These blades are versatile and suitable for various types of tiles, including ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone. Their design makes them adaptable to different tile materials and cutting conditions.

PRODUCT parameter

DiameterTeeth ThicknessTeeth Width

product usage



Diamond super thin turbo blades are often designed for compatibility with different tile saws and cutting machines, making them accessible for various professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Cooling Features:

Some diamond super thin turbo blades are designed with cooling features such as cooling holes or slots. These features help dissipate heat generated during cutting, preventing overheating and extending the life of the blade.



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• With the sound sales network, our products are not only sold well in the domestic market, but also occupy a certain share in foreign market.
• Founded in Johnson Tools has always focused on strict quality control, management improvement, and independent innovation for years. Now we are a powerful leader in the industry.
• Johnson Tools's employees are mainly composed of experienced experts and young people with strong professional ability. They have a good team spirit and ensure the efficient operation and rapid development of the enterprise.
Johnson Tools's 金刚石锯片 have excellent quality and affordable price. We have discounts for bulk purchase. If you have any interest, feel free to contact us.

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