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What kind of saw blade to cut asphalt


l What Material Options Exist?

l What Blade for Specific Asphalt Types?

l What About Cost and Longevity?

l The good Option for Asphalt Cutting?




What Material Options Exist?


When it comes to cutting asphalt, you have a few options for saw blades. Diamond saw blades, like those we produce, are a popular choice given their durability and ability to handle high heat. Do you need a blade that can stand up to heavy-duty, continuous cutting? A diamond saw blade or concrete saw blade is probably your good bet.




What Blade for Specific Asphalt Types?


Need to cut through porous asphalt or polymer-modified asphalt? An asphalt saw blade is specially designed for these softer, gummier materials. Our asphalt saw blades contain industrial-grade diamonds that can power through sticky asphalt and stay sharp. For precast asphalt, a precast saw blade will make quick, clean cuts without cracking or chipping the material.




What About Cost and Longevity?


While price is always a factor, don't sacrifice quality for cost when it comes to asphalt cutting. Cheaper blades may dull quickly and require frequent replacement, costing you more in the long run. Diamond saw blades tend to last significantly longer, so you can complete more cuts over time with a single blade. Does it make sense to invest in a more durable blade if it will save you time, money, and frustration?




The good Option for Asphalt Cutting?


Overall, for cutting asphalt, a diamond saw blade is probably your good choice. Paired with a high-performance power cutter, a diamond asphalt saw blade can produce clean cuts, handle prolonged use, and last through many jobs. At Johnson Tools, we produce high-quality diamond saw blades for cutting asphalt and other tough materials. Our blades are designed to strike the right balance of aggressiveness and durability so you can achieve optimal cutting performance and blade life.




In summary, the type of blade you need depends on your specific cutting needs and asphalt type. For most needs, a diamond saw blade is a solid, long-lasting choice. Johnson Tools offers industrial diamond saw blades that can provide superior cutting results and efficiency when working with asphalt. Check out our selection of diamond saw blades to find one suited for your next asphalt cutting job.



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