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Which is the best saw blade you know?


Diamond Saw blades usually to cut stone, like marble, granite, sandstone, limestone, basalt stone, etc. Also bricks, concrete, reinforced concrete, asphalt, precast concrete cutting.




l Why is choosing the right saw blade important?

l How to choose the right saw blade type?




Why is choosing the right saw blade important?

Customers often ask if the choice of saw blade specifications is important. Can you only use saw blades? The choice of saw blade model depends on whether the saw blade can normally play the saw effect. The reason why the saw blade factory manufactures saw blades with different specifications is that they correspond to different devices and different materials can match the corresponding saw blades. So choose the right saw blade. The model is the key.  the diameter of the saw blade is selected by the saw blade installed in the equipment with maximum diameter, and the diameter of the saw blade is selected by the size of the main shaft of the device. Obviously, it can be seen from the above description that not all saw blades can be cut casually and there does not have to be a "mess". suitable outer diameter and center hole and right cutting material, get fast and long life cutting.



How to choose the right saw blade type?

In most cases, for sawing. Diamond saw blades are characterized by long service life and good wear resistance.

1.Which materials are you cutting? Correctly identifying the material to be cut directly affects the cutting speed and the life of the blade.

2. What type of equipment are you using?

3. How deep are you cutting?

4. Are you cutting dry or wet?

5. Do you want more life or speed?




Since 2000,our company Johnson Tools Manufactory Co., Ltd has started manufacturing and exporting diamond tools for the stone working and construction industry to worldwide countries. Since 2005, we have established our own import and export company called Johnson Import and Export Co., Ltd.



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