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Analysis of Prestressed Precast Concrete Slab Cutting Project

Prestressed precast concrete slab cutting is a crucial component in the construction and infrastructure field. This type of concrete structure is commonly used in projects such as bridges, highways, tunnels, buildings, and more due to its outstanding durability and load-bearing capacity.

Prestressed Concrete Hollow Slabs: These concrete structures are composed of high-strength steel reinforcement and concrete. Prestressed concrete is characterized by the application of pre-stress during construction to enhance the concrete's load-bearing capacity. Prestressed concrete hollow slabs typically feature intricate structures that require precise cutting to meet design and construction requirements.

Specifications of Conventional Prestressed Concrete:

Width: The width of prestressed concrete hollow slabs typically ranges from 300 millimeters (12 inches) to 1000 millimeters (39 inches), depending on project design requirements.

Thickness: Thickness can vary according to project needs but usually falls within the range of 50 millimeters (2 inches) to 550 millimeters (22 inches). Thicker hollow slabs are often used for carrying heavier loads.

Length: Length can be customized to match project requirements, typically ranging from 2 meters (6.6 feet) to 12 meters (39.4 feet). The choice of length is often constrained by transportation and assembly considerations.

Holes and Passageways: Prestressed concrete hollow slabs often feature holes and passageways to accommodate wires, pipes, and other equipment. The size and placement of these holes and passageways are designed according to specific electrical and mechanical requirements for the project.

Prestressed Steel Reinforcement Configuration: The design of prestressed concrete hollow slabs typically includes prestressed steel reinforcement, with the quantity and arrangement varying based on anticipated loads and structural requirements.

Surface Treatment: The surface of prestressed concrete hollow slabs is typically treated to provide anti-slip, waterproof, or aesthetic properties.

The laser-welded prestressed concrete circular saw blades we offer have outer diameters of 600mm, 800mm, 900mm, 1100mm, and 1300mm. Our primary clientele consists of suppliers for prestressed hollow concrete floors, staircases, and walls.

Cut depth list:

OD Seg.L Seg.T Seg.H Seg.No. Hole Item Diameter Cutting Depth
24"/600 40 5 12 42 60 1 24"/600 23cm
28"/700 40 6.5 12 50 60 2 28"/700 27cm
32"/800 40 6.5 12 57 60 3 32"/800 31cm
36"/900 40 6.5 12 64 60 4 36"/900 35cm
40"/1000 40 7 12 70 60 5 40"/1000 40cm
44"/1100 40 7.5 12 74 60 6 44"/1100 45cm
48"/1200 40 8 12 80 60 7 48"/1200 50cm
52"/1300 40 8 12 88 60 8 52"/1300 55cm
56"/1400 40 9 12 95 60 9 56"/1400 60cm
60"/1500 40 9 12 100 60 10 60"/1500 65cm



Analysis of Prestressed Precast Concrete Slab Cutting Project 1


Analysis of Prestressed Precast Concrete Slab Cutting Project 2


Analysis of Prestressed Precast Concrete Slab Cutting Project 3


Analysis of Prestressed Precast Concrete Slab Cutting Project 4

To cut this type of slab, it is essential to choose the appropriate saw blade:

1. Hardness: Due to the high hardness of prestressed concrete, the cutting process requires durable saw blades, typically using laser-welded diamond blades. These blades should possess sufficient hardness to withstand the concrete's hardness while maintaining cutting efficiency.

2. Dimensions: The selected saw blades should have the right diameter and cutting depth to accommodate the size and thickness of the hollow slabs. The size of the cutting tools should match the project requirements.

3. Cutting Speed: Cutting prestressed concrete hollow slabs typically requires high efficiency and precision. Therefore, the chosen blades should enable fast and accurate cutting to enhance production efficiency.

4. Durability: Saw blades need to have a long lifespan to reduce the frequency of replacement and maintenance, thus lowering costs. This is especially important for large-scale production and construction projects.

5. Cooling System: During the cutting process, diamond saw blades generate heat. Therefore, a proper cooling system is necessary to ensure the blades do not overheat, extending their lifespan and enhancing cutting quality.

6. Cutting Quality: The saw blades should be capable of delivering high-quality cutting, ensuring smooth and accurate edges, reducing the need for subsequent processing.

7. Cutting Noise and Dust Control: In a factory environment, it is important to consider noise and dust control during cutting to meet safety and environmental requirements. If you have specific requirements in this regard, we can provide noise-reducing components, and the matrix can be structured in a manner following the Sanming method to reduce noise effectively.

Analysis of Prestressed Precast Concrete Slab Cutting Project 5 

This picture is the state of the tool head after cutting a 35cm thick prestressed concrete hollow slab 450hous.

At present, the cutting machine suitable for this diamond prestressed concrete saw blade made by our company is as follows:

Nordimpianti, Elematic, Levanto, Ultraspan, Xtec, Echo, Tecnospan, Weiler, etc.

Analysis of Prestressed Precast Concrete Slab Cutting Project 6


Analysis of Prestressed Precast Concrete Slab Cutting Project 7

As our valued customer, you can trust us to provide high-quality prestressed concrete hollow slabs and sleepers, products that have received recognition and acclaim from customers worldwide. We are dedicated to meeting your project requirements and offering innovative solutions. Regardless of the scale of your project, we are committed to supporting you fully to ensure the success of your endeavor.

If you have any questions about our products, services, or custom solutions, or if you wish to discuss your specific project needs, we encourage you to reach out to us at any time. Our professional team is ready to assist you wholeheartedly, ensuring you receive the most suitable products and support. Whether you are from Thailand, Singapore, Russia, Mongolia, Spain, South Africa, the UAE, Bahrain, or any other country, we are willing to collaborate with you to achieve successful engineering projects.

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